Program Book

Here you go, hot off the press word processor. The final versions of the Program Book and Pocket Program. Share and enjoy!

Panels & Events

Here it is! After months of planning, we have the Panels & Events schedule for This ConFusion Is Not Yet Rated.

Wow! Even More Authors!

Hey, look! Even more authors are showing up!

  • Cindy Spencer Pape, author of over 40 novels
  • Sarah Hansen, paranormal editor at Wild Rose Press
  • Sarah Zettel also known as C.L. Anderson, author of the Philip K. Dick Award winning novel "Bitter Angels"


A ConFusion fixture, this year's masquerade will be no less exciting than usual, with the special theme "Steampunked Fairy Tales"! Bring your favorite fairy tales to life re-imagined with brass, gears, and steamworks, and take part in a parade of fascinating ideas. If you aren't inspired by the theme, though, don't let that put you off, prizes--which include ConFusion 2012 memberships, T-Shirts, books, and more--will be awarded in other categories as well. Muster starts at 7pm on Saturday night. Pre-register to compete or just strut your stuff on stage. Forms available until 5pm Saturday at Ops.

Programming Surveys Closed

The Programming Idea Submission and Program Participant surveys are now officially closed for the 2011 ConFusion. And while we appreciate your enthusiasm, odds are not good that the ideas submitted just three weeks before the con will actually get implemented. :-) Just sit tight and be ready to resubmit them for next year's ConFusion!

Song Request

What do you like to dance to? Request a song to be played at the Friday or Saturday night dances.

More Authors

Hey, look! More authors are coming!

Lois Gresh

LOIS GRESH is the New York Times Best-Selling Author (6 times), Publishers Weekly Best-Selling Paperback Author, and Publishers Weekly Best-Selling Paperback Children’s Author of 24 books and several dozen short stories. Her books have been published in approximately 20 languages. Current projects include weird SF vampire thriller BLOOD AND ICE (Jan 2011, Elder Signs Press), short story collection ELDRITCH EVOLUTIONS (March 2011, Chaosium), dark hardcover novel DEADLY DIMENSIONS (2011, Arkham House), an untitled volume from St. Martin’s Press (2012); and editor of ARKHAM NIGHTMARES (2013, Arkham House). Lois has received Bram Stoker Award, Nebula Award, Theodore Sturgeon Award, and International Horror Guild Award nominations for her work.

Current book projects include:

  • weird SF vampire thriller BLOOD AND ICE (Jan 2011, Elder Signs Press)
  • short story collection ELDRITCH EVOLUTIONS (March 2011, Chaosium)
  • dark novel DEADLY DIMENSIONS (2011, Arkham House)
  • untitled volume from St. Martin’s Press, 2012
  • anthology editor, ARKHAM NIGHTMARES (2013, Arkham House)


Mike Resnick

Locus, the trade journal of science fiction, keeps a list of the winners of major science fiction awards on its web page. Mike Resnick is now the leading award winner for short fiction among all science fiction writers, living or dead.


Panelist Preview

In addition to our Guests of Honor, we have a bunch of interesting people lined up for your panel-going pleasure.

  • Jim C. Hines
  • Anne Harris aka Pearl North aka Jessica Freely
  • Steven Harper Piziks (Saturday only)
  • "Stephen Leigh" aka S.L. Farrell
  • Dr. Philip Kaldon
  • Catherine Shaffer
  • Suzanne Church
  • Steve Buchheit
  • William Jones
  • Christian Klaver
  • Dr. Christine Purcell
  • Stewart Sternberg
  • Charles Zaglanis
  • Dark Wisdom Press
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