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Habana Cabana - ConFusion ConSuite Event Friday at 10 pm

Tammy Coxen, one of our lovely consweeties, writes:

Please join us in the consuite at 10 pm Friday for a Cuban getaway. We'll have salsa music (and a little space for dancing), mojitos (virgin and rum-based), and Cuban snack foods. Arriba!

Panels & Events

Here it is! After months of planning, we have the Panels & Events schedule for This ConFusion Is Not Yet Rated.

Song Request

What do you like to dance to? Request a song to be played at the Friday or Saturday night dances.

Chili Cookoff -- One Ladle to Rule them All!

Is your chili tastier than the rest? Are you ready for a challenge? Do you want to help out a geeky charity? Do you want to earn the recognition of your peers? Do you want to win fabulous prizes? THE PUBLIC CAN EXPECT TO WIN HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FOR THE BEST CHILI! (*)

(*) The public can expect anything it wants, but the prizes will likely be a bit more modest.

Magic(k) Track

This year ConFusion introduces the Magic(k) programming track. From ancient traditions to technological illusions, magic in all its guises has been an ever-present element in fantasy and science fiction. Magic has also long been a staple of Michigan fandom, from Beltane maypole celebrations to chocolate and coffee rituals, as well as the courtly pomp of Elven Toast. Our interest in science fiction and fantasy points to the larger truth of imagining the possible as the first step to creating the changes we want to see in the world. Our programming aims for change by presenting strange rituals, spiritual technologies, and psychological curiosities. Follow the Magic(k) Track for a glimpse into real-life spiritual, mental, and fantastical shenanigans!

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