Chili Cookoff -- One Ladle to Rule them All!

Is your chili tastier than the rest? Are you ready for a challenge? Do you want to help out a geeky charity? Do you want to earn the recognition of your peers? Do you want to win fabulous prizes? THE PUBLIC CAN EXPECT TO WIN HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FOR THE BEST CHILI! (*)

Then enter your chili into the Stilyagi ConFusion Chili Cook-off!

The rules are simple:

  1. Enter your chili by sending your name and the name of your chili to Richard Herrell rherrell [at] twmi [dot] rr [dot] com. (Late entries will be accepted until the event begins, but the best spots are available to those who enter first).
  2. Show up with your chili to the ConFusion convention (no admission required) at 9:00PM Friday, Jan 21, at the Troy-Detroit Marriott, Concierge Lounge 12th Floor (200 West Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI). A crock pot is recommended to keep your chili warm. Electrical outlets will be supplied.
  3. The paying public will judge. For $1.00, a person will receive a bowl, a ticket to purchase a bowl of chili, and a ticket to vote. (6 for $5.00). The bowls will be small to facilitate sampling.
  4. Chefs must man their chili (stations may be decorated), and will dispense a modest portion in exchange for a ticket to purchase.
  5. At their leisure, the public may distribute their voting tickets based on their preferences.
  6. The chili chef with the most voting tickets wins fabulous prizes, and the respect of his or her fellow chefs.
  7. All money collected goes directly to the SENS foundation, founded by our science GOH Aubrey de Grey, which seeks to extend healthy human life and cure the diseases of aging through the advancement of rejuvenation biotechnologies. Hate Alzheimer's? I do. Hate cancer? I do. Hate heart disease? I do. Let's kill them all dead. More online at

(*) The public can expect anything it wants, but the prizes will likely be a bit more modest.