Song Request

What do you like to dance to? Request a song to be played at the Friday or Saturday night dances.

Friday Night at 9 PM is the Heavy Metal Mass followed by a dance featuring music from the movie Heavy Metal as well as other Heavy Metal music.

Saturday Night after the masquerade is the is the Time Warp Dance. There will be separate sets for the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's, and of course The Rocky Horror Picture Show's Time Warp playing at Midnight.

When the song was released, if known. And for our purposes "2000's" includes 2010, smarty pants!

Should this be played during Friday's Heavy Metal dance, or Saturday's Time Warp dance?

Got anything more to say about this request? Put it here!

Not that we have anything against our future metal overlords, but we really prefer to hear from creatures/automatons which can pass the Turing test. Don't worry, this shouldn't cause any undue ConFusion if you're advanced enough to have musical preferences.