Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa.

Okay, the website looks awful. My fault. I've been having trouble getting online registration up and running, so I haven't had time to make the thing look pretty. The good news is that online reg is working! After Penguicon is done I'll give the whole thing a face lift. Rotate the muffler belt. That sort of thing.


Attention Dealer Wannabees!

If you have an interest in being one of our dealers for ConFusion in 2011, we ask that you look over the information on our Dealers page. It should answer your questions about fees, table size, selection procedure, etc. Applications are being accepted online or by mail.


Online Registration is now open! Sign up now for the discount rate.

before 01-Jan-2011
At The Door
Adult Membership $35 $50
KidFusion Membership $20 $25
KidFusion Pizza & Pajama Party + $15 + $20
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